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KTM 790/890 Adventure Fuel Tank Protectors

KTM 790/890 Adventure Fuel Tank Protectors


KTM 790/890 adventure and adventure R additional fuel tank protection

PLEASE NOTE: THESE ARE PROVING POPULAR AND WE MAKE TO ORDER--Please feel free to order but please note that there could well be a delay of several weeks. 


These have been designed to give extra protection to your tank from scrapes and drops.


They are flexible yet strong and are comprised of an outer carbon and glass layer and a kevlar triaxial inner layer over the key area likely to make external contact--kevlar is known to  resist abrasions and punctures. They are a polished finish--and a hand crafted item so although we take every care very minor imperfections are occasionally visible, but in no way detract from the performance--and of course if you are not happy then send them straight back for a full refund


They are fixed to the tank sides OVER the existing plastic covers using the three edge mountings--the central mount of the stock plastic stays in place. The stock hardware is long enough for the two front fixings but the bottom rear stock hardware is a little short so we provide a longer bolt (note that these rear mounts are just stiff nuts and not captive).  

They are made to order so please allow us time to make and finish them--normally a couple of weeks.

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