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Yamaha WR250R Bash Plate

Yamaha WR250R Bash Plate


Yamaha WR250R Bash Plate


The bash plate has been designed to replace the exisiting  OEM skid plate and provides added and extended protection to the sides and underside of your WR250R.


It bolts onto your bike using the exisiting mounting points for the Yamaha skid plate.


The bash plate is constructed using carbon fibre making it very strong including woven kevlar to resist abbrasion and impacts.  The skid plate is then polished to a gloss finish.


The bash plate will come with fitting instructions and the required hardware for fitment.

Please note the bash plates are made to order so please allow a short lead time before delivery.


If you have any special requirements or any questions please let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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